Central Square Press

Poetry for the Broken Spaces

Central Square Press, LLC, is a small, independent, literary press that publishes thought-provoking and high quality poetry. We publish manuscripts that reflect a commitment to social justice in regards to African-American, Caribbean and Caribbean-American communities. We strive to publish poetry that does not cater to the academic establishment but is part of the witness continuum; work that bears witness to the struggle and residual prejudices that plagued our communities, with emphasis on emerging poets.

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INKp.a.l.s (Partnerships Affecting Literacy)

Poetry as a Fun, Information and Critical Literacy Tool

With INKpals, the goal is not only to increase the rate of literacy for school age children and young adults but also help them develop an appreciation for writing. Poetry is at the center of this mission with the goal being to spark an interest in reading and writing as both educational and recreational tools.

This is very much still a work in progress but as they say "slow motion is better than no motion."

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ES-INK Designs

If it has to be said, award-winning authors say it with INK

Enzo Surin INK Designs specializes in helping authors establish or revive their online presence. We are known for being dynamic with our web designs while remaining very conscious about functionality, simplicity and elegance. We wholeheartedly look to advance each author's personal brand in the development process of their website. We do not simply create a shell of a site that fits any client; we custom design a quality website that strengthens an author's web presence and gets their work and/or message out to their audience.

With the many hats that I juggle, I currently do not accept unsolicited requests.